Apptive requires API access to your store to retrieve your product catalog and display it in your application. Once you have validated your server is setup correctly for API access you then need to setup an API role, create an "Apptive" user and assign the "Apptive" user with the role you created.

Validating that your server is setup correctly:
Our Magento integration connects to your Magento Store API via SOAP requests, and it requires the PHP SOAP extension to be installed on your website.

You can verify if PHP SOAP is installed on your website by accessing this page: (NOTE: Remember to change to your Magento shop URL.) If SOAP is not installed, you will receive the error: "0 SOAP extension is not loaded."

If you receive this error, you can simply ask the web hosting company that hosts your website to install PHP SOAP for you. Note that it can not be installed via the Magento admin login. It has to be installed by the web hosting company, or by someone with root access to the web server.

Please see the Api Error - 0 SOAP extension is not loaded for other potential fixes for this error.

Setup an API role:
The rest of the guide will take place in your admin console, which can be accessed (by default) at "". It is helpful if you open your admin console inside a new window within your browser.

  1. Navigate to System > Web Services > "SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles" using the navigation bar up top
  2. Click “Add New Role” button in top-right
  3. Enter “Apptive” as Role Name
  4. Click “Role Resources” in navigation pane on left
  5. Click the following resource checkboxes:

Add a New User:

  1. Navigate to System > Web Services > "SOAP/XML-RPC - Users"
  2. Click “Add New User” button
  3. Fill out form as follows:
    1. User Name: “apptive"
    2. First Name: “apptive”
    3. Last Name: “apptive”
    4. E-mail: “
    5. API Key: create an API key (6 character minimum) and e-mail it to us
  4. Click "Save User"

Assign User Role:

  1. Click “User Role” in left navigation pane
  2. Assign role as "Apptive"
  3. Click “Save User” 

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